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EQUINE FACILITATED COACHING & Natural Horsemanship Instruction
About Our Coach

Elizabeth Love Kennon

I’ve been down some tough roads, and found my way back to loving deeply: life, people, animals, experiences. I’m passionate about growth, and the possibilities that lie before us.

The thing that lights me up is working with women and horses: creating the safety and support for women to acknowledge who they are and begin to live into that. And partnering with horses: learning from them, listening to them, and becoming a better person for myself and others, as I become better for them.

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Ground Work with Pony
Natural Horsemanship with Elizabeth
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Are you ready for growth?

Growth is the accumulation of small change. Elizabeth is there to support you in making those changes. If you are ready to take the next steps, reach out to Elizabeth to learn more.

Equine Facilitated Coaching

Horses tell us the truth. They help us see ourselves, our patterns, assumptions, coping strategies, and how we impact those around us. All our work with horses is “on the ground”.

Natural Horsemanship

(Conversations with Horses)

Using your own horse, or one from Circle of Oaks, you will learn how to listen to the horse, hear and respond to what they are saying; building a true partnership. Spoiler alert: It’s still completely about your growth!


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Equine Facilitated Coaching

Equine facilitated coaching is just a fancy way of saying that we have a horse or horses join us as part of your coaching team. The focus is on you, on what you’re working on in our life coaching sessions, or on what we’ve talked about working on in our time together with the horse(s).

These sessions are 60 minutes and include time with just us, to talk about our focus for the session and how to set you up to be safe and comfortable; time with the horse(s) discovering what is ready to come to the surface; and then working together as a team to support you in experiencing your next growth steps there with the horse(s). And finally time with the two of us at the end, reflecting on your experience, and looking at ways you can integrate that into your life.

I offer Equine Facilitated Coaching at Circle of Oaks, in Rougemont, North Carolina.

Private Equine Facilitated Coaching

(No Horse Experience Required)
In these private sessions we work on relationships, communication, boundaries, leadership and/or getting comfortable in your own skin

Group Equine Facilitated Coaching

(Max of 6 participants. No Horse Experience Required)
I hold small group experiences for women, which are focused on specific topics such as:

  • Showing up for your life
  • What the heck are healthy boundaries, and how do I do them?
  • Communicating effectively
  • Creating powerful partnerships

Group experiences are 2-3 hours, depending on the number of participants, with an introduction time, horse time, and reflection time where you will bring your next steps home with you to continue integrating what you learned.

More About

Natural Horsemanship

This is learning how to listen to a horse, and hear and respond to what they are saying. Spoiler alert: It’s still completely about your growth! But this takes a different track. Here the focus is on the horse, on learning how they are talking with you, and how to join them in the conversation that they’re having. This is for people who would like to develop both their own growth and their competency with horses.

I offer this work at your barn with your horse, as well as at Circle of Oaks in Rougemont, NC with the horses there. With your horse we can include riding. At Circle of Oaks, all work is on the ground.

For Coaching or Natural Horsemanship

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If you have questions about our equine facilitated coaching or natural horsemanship services, or would like more info, please contact us using the form below.

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